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Automotive Indicator Controller

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  • Probably the most useful little indicator control unit ever.

    This controls all the indicator functions in one unit and allows the use of any combination of switches and light sources, incandescent, LED, EL. 

    The BodyLogic Motorsport Indicator Controller can be used with an off-on column or other style of switch or with any style of momentary switch. There is no complicated hazard light switch wiring. 

    Just provide the controller with battery positive, ignition positive and a negative trigger for left, right and hazard, also negative trigger for cancel (allows for time-delay cancel, manual cancel, automatic cancel or any combination of these functions). 

    Switch Function and associated flasher operation                                                           

    1) Momentary switching for indicators and hazards –  Press once and it gives you 20 flashes and self-cancels or can be cancelled by pressing same button.

    2) Latching for indicators and momentary for hazards –  On the hazard button press once for on and press once for off.

    3) Latching for indicators and hazards. –   Speaks for itself.

    NB Bespoke Configurations can be offered on request - please contact us for details.

    Indicator Controller Wiring Diagram


      Indicator controller Diagram

    Indicator controller wiring diagram showing switch and pinning information.


    Indicator Controller Pinout

    Indicator Controller Pinout Information

    BodyLogic indicator controller pinout information.

    Download Indicator Controller Information (183kb)
    Download Indicator Controller Schematic Diagram (31kb)
    Download Indicator Pinout (39kb)

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    Switching Function:
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