Simtek BodyLogic

HFS Function Controller


Probably the most useful little function controller ever.

This is a combined unit to control-
  • Hi/Lo power on a heated front screen
  • Dip/Main/Fog via a momentary switch
  • Vehicle power consumption control
The Heated Front Screen control is triggered by a momentary negative trigger to latch Hi power for 5 minutes, then the unit drops to Lo power (Hi and Lo power is indirectly controlled by power relays or our power PWM unit). If the negative trigger is applied in Hi power it will drop to Lo power or if applied in Lo power it will drop to OFF.
The Headlight control can be used in many ways but allows a momentary negative trigger to flash the main beam or toggle between dip and main beam whilst controlling the fog lights, as required by Vehicle Construction and Use regulations (IVA Test).
The Voltage consumption control is a smart voltage monitor which allows the control of power relays and other equipment via a loop circuit relay (use the relay as you like). It has an override negative trigger input, allowing the operator to override the function, and a 2-stage, 2-circuit warning out-put.
Price: £ 120 (excl. VAT)