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Command CAN


Probably the most useful little CAN command unit ever.

The Command CAN is a unit developed by Simtek (UK) to compress multiple switch signals onto a paired cable, which allows simplification of wiring and enables innovative wiring ideas.

Primarily, the unit was designed to transfer multiple switch signals from a steering wheel to the vehicles electrical system via a simple 4 core coiled wire.

The system is also available in a similar wireless version. The unit will transmit up to 12 off-on signals and 2 variable signals.

  • Each output can be configured individually.
  • High power output receiver modules available.
  • Unit’s can be tailored to individual customer’s requirements.
  • More than one transmitter and receiver unit can be placed on the network.

Specification and Features
Transmitter Module-
1 x CAN Low
1 x CAN High
12 x Inputs, pull down to ground (switch to ground to activate)
1 x 12V Input
1 x 5V Output
2 x 0-5V (Variable Input Signal)
2 x 0V Ground
Receiver Module-
1 x CAN Low
1 x CAN High
12 x 1A Current sinking output (when triggered they go to ground)
2 x 0-5V Output, PMW signal or simulated resistance signal
1 x 12V Input
1 x 12V Output
2 x 0V (Ground)
Price: £ POA
Please contact us with your requirments for specific pricing.

Information Area

Download Command CAN Information (72kb)