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Electric Power Steering Controller

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  •                     Motorsport PAS Controller

    The Corsa electric power steering coloumn unit contoller is a clever unit developed by Simtek UK for motorsport and road car use. This unit allows you to vary the assistance given by your Corsa B or Corsa C steering coloumn.

    The unit allows for the adjustment of sensitivity using a simple control wheel. Simply mount the control wheel, plug in the unit and away you go!


    BodyLogic Corsa Electric Power Steering Controller Schematic


         Electic PAS Schematic

    This motorsport control unit incorporates connectors to make the unit plug and play which allows for quick replacement if ever required.

    Also available from Simtek Vauxhall Corsa power steering ECU power supply connector


    Motorsport Electric Power Steering Unit

    £45.00 exc VAT
    (£54.00 inc VAT)