Simtek BodyLogic

BodyLogic Diesel ECU System

BodyLogic Diesel ECU

Modern common rail diesel engines are complex and depend on precise control of injection timing with upto 5 injection pulses per revolution, injectors are commonly run at 160 Volts and 20 amps dependant upon load conditions and engine speed. Common Rail OEM diesel control units gather information from various ECU''s around the vehicle and are incapable of running the engine without this information or engine fuction is seriously compromised.

The Simtek UK BodyLogic diesel control system provides a turn key solution for common rail diesel engines. The BodyLogic system is suitable for a wide range of engine specifications. The system comprises of a ECU and an injector driver module with the following specificaton.


  • 32 Bit Microprocessor with 1Mb Memory
  • Industry Standard CAN Communications
  • Wideband and Narrowband Lambda Control
  • USB CAN Dongle with Windows Software

Input Channels-

  • 1 Main ECU Power Feed
  • 1 Ignition Live Wake Up
  • 1 Crank Shaft (Hall Effect or Magnetic)
  • 2 Cam Position (Hall Effect or Magnetic)
  • 2 0-5 Volt Lambda sensor
  • 6 0-5 Volt Voltage Output Sensors (MAP, Oil psi, TPS, PPS, etc.)
  • 6 0-5 Volt Voltage Input Sensors (Water Temp, Air Temp etc.)
  • 4 frequency Digital Inputs (Configuable as Switch Inputs)

Output Channels-

  • 8 Diesel Injector Drivers
  • 4 High Current Power Solenoid
  • 4 PWM Soleniod Valve Control
  • 1 H-Bridge Driver
  • 3 Aux Outputs
  • 1 Main Power Relay Trigger
  • 1 Fuel Pump Relay Trigger
  • 1 Glow Plug Relay Trigger

Data Channels-

  • CAN Communication with dashboards and expansion modules.