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  • Discovery 1 to TDV6 Conversion Project

    NB - NO ENGINES ARE SOLD - only the equipment to run them.

    2.7 TDV6 Engine Information



    60 Degree V6
    190 to 207 hp
    Upto 440 Nm
    Launched in 2004
    High Pressure Common Rail Direct Injection System
    Vehicles in which TDV6 2.7L engines will be found include the following-
    • Jaguar S Type
    • Jaguar XJ
    • Jaguar XF
    • Discovery III
    • Range Rover Sport
    • Peugeot 607
    • Peugeot 407 Coupe
    • Peugeot 407
    • Citroen C5
    • Citroen C6

    2.7 TDV6 ECU Information

    Introducing Simtek (UK)''s Body Logic Diesel ECU, developed with Specialist Components to bring you an affordable turn-key package allowing successful conversions with modern diesel engines.  Simtek (UK) is the sole UK distributor for these diesel control systems.

    The Simtek (UK) BodyLogic system comprises:

    • SC Tornado ECU
    • SC Piezo Injector Driver Module (IDM)
    • Simtek (UK) Adaptor Harness
    • Simtek (UK) Base Map, specific to your engine, for turn-key functionality
    • Control Software
    • Modification of your supplied engine harness (exchange available)

    Bolt-on Pro services:

    • SecureUSB CAN dongle, coded to your specific ECU, allowing an experienced diesel tuning technician access to their own map.  Where this is required, the kit will come without the base map.
    • Service and back-up packages are also available at time of purchase, please ask for details.
    The Tornado ECU controls the majority of the functions but the IDM converts the injector signals for controlling the piezo injectors (a solenoid version of the IDM is also available).
    Simtek (UK) have selected one of the most popular/available engines for the first turn-key map to be provided with this system, the Lion 2.7L TDV6 Single turbo.
    The turn-key system is supplied as a locked unit, ready to go.  However, should power output from this set-up be insufficient for your requirements, it can be taken for further advanced tuning in the UK to a range of diesel tuning specialists.  The BodyLogic system is also available with no base map for experienced diesel mapping facilities who wish to develop their own maps.  Simtek (UK) is always interested in being involved with new engine projects. But if you require some technical assistance in your area Simtek (UK) is currently developing a dealer network of BodyLogic diesel specialists in order to assist in your BodyLogic conversion, contact us for details.
    To order or ask questions please CLICK HERE to email now!
    2.7 TDV6 running on the dyno.
    Engine Dyno Results

    Discovery 1 to TDV6 Conversion Project

    JLR Engine Tips (239kb)

    £3150.00 exc VAT
    (£3780.00 inc VAT)