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    Marc Charton wrote:

    "Mercedes OM642 V6 Diesel running with Simtek Body Logic stand alone ECU. I have seen many people try to use the original Bosch ECU by reprogramming it, never to date have I seen one run properly without it going into limp mode. This is because the engine ECU in a Mercedes relies on around 30 other sensors and other ECU, i.e. drive authority, gearbox, ABS, ESP, EGR, catalytic converter, traction control, alternator etc. Although some things can be switched or by passed by reprogramming, too many things are just hard wired.
    Modern common rail diesel engines are complex and depend on precise control of injection timing with upto 5 injection pulses per revolution, injectors are commonly run at 160 Volts and 20 amps dependant upon load conditions and engine speed. Common Rail OEM diesel control units gather information from various ECU''s around the vehicle and are incapable of running the engine without this information or engine function is seriously compromised.
    The Simtek UK BodyLogic diesel control system provides a turn key solution for common rail diesel engines. The BodyLogic system is suitable for a wide range of engine specifications. The system comprises of a ECU and an injector driver module.
    Before installation the engine was tested on a dyno with the Simtek ECU. The power was increased from 225 to 240bhp, torque was increased from 510 to 590Nm. From this point we increased the boost anther 0.5bar and increased the fuel until the exhaust run black, but the engine did not see much further increase in power, may be another 10bhp but did not sound happy.
    This is because the turbo is so closely matched to the engine for emissions and fast pickup that the turbine of the turbo is too restrictive. I have since found a link to another OM642 engine that is using the later 350CDI turbo and produced around 310bhp. Although the turbo configuration is the same it not quite a straight forward swap as the 350CDI turbo is ball raced and water cooled, so some other modifications have to be made.
    As you see from my video the engine runs smooth and clean, the pickup is amazing. The engine in the video sounds noisy but in fact most of the noise is from the Bravo drive caused by gear chatter at idle, apparently this is quite normal. In fact I would go as far as saying it sound more like a petrol engine."



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