Simtek BodyLogic

Frenquently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

BodyLogic ECU Questions

  • Do you supply complete ECU and engine packages?

At this moment in time we are only able to supply the ECU's and systems in order to operate the engines, we currently do not supply engines.


  • Will the BodyLogic Diesel ECU run any Diesel engine?

The BodyLogic Diesel ECU can be calibrated to run any modern common rail diesel engine (except Pump Duse) dependant on the number of control output and stratergies required by the engine. We do require the use of an engine initially in-order to perform a base calibration. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

EPAS Questions

  • Are you able to supply the connectors to match the Corsa EPAS ECU?

Yes the connectors are available on our sister website ( and can be found by clicking Here (Power Connector) and Here (Signal Connector)

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Mercedes OM642 Questions