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Wiper Controller

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  • Probably the most useful little wiper/washer control relay ever.

    This unit allows the use of any standard or custom-made wiper motor unit with any wiper switch or other switching method.  

    The BodyLogic Motorsport wash/wiper controller also allows the control of washer motors and park position. 

     There is no need to understand self-park circuits, just ask, buy and fit.




    Weight Of Unit  (excl wiring)-



    IP54 (Damp/Splash Proof)







    • Speed 1 up to 20A 12V or 24V.
    • Speed 2 up to 20A 12V or 24V.
    • Self Park- Using original motor position switch or custom positioned switch or sensor.
    • Allows for the use of any wiper motor or custom made motor system.
    • Fixed or variable intermittent, dependant on switch arrangement used (variable optional extra at time of ordering).
    • Washer motor control up to 20A 12V or 24V (Power Wash).
    • Auto wipe and 3 wipe post wash, when wash is triggered.
    • Separate fusing of wiper and wash systems
    • Ignition on input function (Allows unit to work) so main power supply for wash and wipe can be connected directly to the battery positive circuit reducing load on the ignition switch.
    • Negative triggering of unit function for safety, no live to switches, enabling simplicity of wiring allowing multiple switches (i.e. Control of wash/wipe by navigator)
    • Controller function can be customised for bespoke applications, please contact us with your requirements.


    BodyLogic Wiper Controller with Multifunction Switch

     BodyLogic Wiper Controller

    The Bodylogic Wiper Controller is shown in the diagram above incorporating standard Land Rover wiper motor and multifunction switch units. Demonstrating the units flexibility, enabling any wiper motor and switch combination.


    BodyLogic Wiper Controller with Intermitant Delay and 2 Speed Switching 

    BodyLogic Wiper Controller Complex System

    The BodyLogic Wiper controller is shown above in a more complex system with washer motor control, 2 speed switching using single switches and intermitant time delay functions (variable intermitance optional extra at time of ordering).


    Standard Wiper Wiring

    Simple BodyLogic Wiper Controller

    Why choose a BodyLogic control unit over the standard wiring method shown above?

    Here are a few of the many reasons-

    • Ease of fitting
    • Low current switching (modern switch stalks)
    • Use any wiper motor or switch selection
    • Special functions-
      • Autowipe
      • Variable intermitance (optional extra at time of ordering)
      • Wash motor control

    The Kit

    The kit includes-

    • Control Unit
    • Connector with 2 Metre wire tails for direct connection to the unit
    • Wiring Diagram
    • Switch wiring diagram layouts 

    (No switches or switch connectors are included in the kit)


    1) Latching switching with fixed intermittent (7-9 seconds delay) for standard use or

    2) Momentary switch - 1st push for speed 1, 2nd push for speed 2, 3rd push to cancel

    (option 2 designed for motorsport use) 

     NB if you require a special configuration please ask for details

     Also available is the varialble intermittent model BLMS-WCVI - please contact us for details.


    Information Area

    Wiper Controller Wiring Diagrams (75kb)
    Wiper Controller Information (110kb)

    £129.00 exc VAT
    (£154.80 inc VAT)

    Wiper switching options:
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  • Variable intermittent wiper controller with adjuster pot

    £155.00 exc VAT
    (£186.00 inc VAT)