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RangeRover P38 to TDV6 Conversion (P38)

                   P38 to TDV6 Conversion Project

A newly purchased 4.6 HSE petrol P38 ready to undergo the conversion to diesel power. The Range Rover P38 is an ideal conversion vehicle with a high level of trim and finish.


                     P38 Petrol Engine Awaiting Removal

Although running well the P38''s engine was a little tired, the perfect reason to breathe a new lease of life into the car with a powerful TDV6 engine.

Engine and Gearbox Removal

The first task is to remove the Range Rover's old petrol engine to make room for the 2.7 TDV6. The new diesel engine was freshly purchased from a Landrover breakers with all the ancillaries (very important), the engine came from a low mileage Discovery 3 with a guarantee.


 Chassis Modifications

P38 to TDV6 Conversion Project


In order to enhance the silky smooth ride already offered by the Range Rover we decided to use Discovery 3 engine mounts and fitted them to the chassis.

We also decided to use custom engine mounts to allow the engine to sit as low as possible and slighly further forward within the Range Rover''s chassis.




 Engine Modifications

P38 to TDV6 Conversion Project

Unfortunately with the engine sitting as low as possible to clear the bonnet line the TDV6''s steel sump and pickup pipe now required some modification in order to clear the front axle.

The sump retains the same oil capacity but in a slighly different shape (you may not need the same modiciation if the engine is from a Jaguar model, but please confirm this before purchasing).



Gearbox Fitting

  P38 to TDV6 Conversion Project

With the engine now sitting slightly further forward the gearbox mounting bar required slight modification, this was quickly cut and re-welded to suit the new position and fitting of the engine and gearbox began.




TDV6 Engine in place

P38 to TDV6 Conversion ProjectThe engine and gearbox were now fitted in place with the aid of a gearbox adapter plate as used on our Discovery project. As can be seen pleanty of room in front of the engine compared to the old V8.

The next task was the connection of all the ancillary systems, the aim of the conversion was to increase the P38''s useability without sacrificing the comfort levels offered as such we decided to retain the AC and cruise control systems.


Ancillary Connections

P38 to TDV6 Conversion ProjectWith the engine now in place the next task was to enable everything to work, the AC and power steering pipework we had professionally modified by a local specialist.

The remainder of the pipework we manufactured to fit around the engine and we fitted a Discovery 3 water thermostsat within the cooling system to ensure the engine operated within the most efficent temperature range.

We also used a Discovery 3 fuel filter and modified the P38''s fuel tank in order to accomodate diesel fuel rather than petrol.

The wiring loom, ECU and injector driver module we then fitted within the original P38''s ECU holder making the installation as OEM as possible.


 Finishing Touches

P38 to TDV6 Conversion Project


The finished conversion with a modified TDV6 engine cover fitted, the engine started first time and has been in daily use without missing a beat since the conversion was completed.


P38 to TDV6 Conversion Project


Range Rover Test Drive



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