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               Bad Medicine Tractor Puller


Common Rail Tractor Puller

Simtek Uk are proud to announce the lauch of the Uk's first common rail tractor puller, exclusively using the Simtek BodyLogic ECU and IDM.

The use of the BodyLogic ECU enabled the precise control of injection stratergies and engine speeds limits, resulting in this being the only tractor able to run in two different classes during its first event.

The tractors control maps can be easily re-configured in between runs in order to adapt the tractor to differing conditions, with live data logging coming soon this really will be one to watch.


Technical Specifications-Common Rail Tractor Puller


  • 6.7 Litre New Holland Common Rail Inline-6 Engine
  • Single Fixed Vane Aircraft Turbo
  • Enlarged Injectors
  • Standard New Holland Bosch CP3 High Pressure Pump
  • Lowered Compression Ratio (14:1)
  • Electric Radiator Fan
  • Watercooled Intercooler


Further development of the tractor is currently underway, with great things expected in the future, we wish the owner Jim and all his team all the best in the future.


Bad Medicine Tractor Puller First Time in Action (27/08/12)




Well done to all the Bad Medicine Team-

Jim and Jo Greenhalgh

Leon Attenborough

Jonathan Yates

Mark and Sarah Suddle

Alistair and Lisa Parkinson

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